‘FeliCe anima!’ launch party March 2011

At the launch party of ‘FeliCe anima!’, a new exhibition by Chika Fukushima, the artist herself was on hand to talk us through her artworks and explain what they mean to her. Inspired by a recent trip to Italy, she makes pictures of weird and wonderful animals in vibrant colours. Chika has an individual style, and it was particularly interesting to hear her own thoughts about the animals she portrays. Thank you to everyone who came.

As always, it was great for us to chat to imagine members outside of lessons, and to meet the friends and relations they bought with them. Catering this time was provided by ‘The Sugar Fairy’ – a splendid array of cookies both sweet and savoury to suit all palettes. Check this website for information about our next party.

Lots of ‘dialogue’ at our latest party

This is the first time we have held an accessories exhibition, and we were unsure how it would work in the space. However, I’m pleased to say everything looks fantastic! The necklaces are absolutely beautiful; so original and unique. Each one tells a story and has a meaning attached, so they’re more than just ‘accessories’. We were happy the artist, Marisa Zenone, could attend before she went home to Italy. It was also lovely to see many imagine* members and their friends. With a mixture of Japanese, English and Italian being spoken, it made for a truly international party with a very lively atmosphere. Check this website for information about our next exhibition, and its launch party, which will be held in March 2011.

‘If on a winter’s night a traveler’ launch party 5 September 2010

Last Sunday was the latest party at imagine* – this time to celebrate the launch of Seiko Oka’s new exhibition ‘If on a winter’s night a traveler’. It was great to see so many imagine* members there, from some of our longest serving to a few of our youngest! There was lots of praise for the artworks on display and the delicious food, once again provided by Itsuki Bakery.

We hold parties like these every three months to mark the launch of each new exhibition at imagine*. They are great way to meet like-minded people and to meet our teachers, as well as see some interesting contemporary art. If you are in the area, feel free to drop in next time we hold a party. Details will be available on this website.

‘skirt’ exhibition launch party 13 June 2010

It was a rainy day and we were worried people would decide not to come – but they did! In fact, we had a great turnout. People seemed to be very interested in our new exhibition by Rui Nakai. What a great idea: designs for skirts based on the artist’s travel experiences. There are a variety of images for example, flamingos in a river in Berlin, marching soldiers in Copenhagen and (my personal favourite) city lights in Amsterdam. I think the pieces appealed to all ages; some of our younger members told me they liked the bright colours and pretty designs.

As well as fantastic art we had tasty food too (a party essential!). A friend of the artist, from Itsuki Bakery, very kindly supplied us with delicious home-baked bread and homemade marmalade – we hope he will come again! It was a great afternoon and we all had a really nice time chatting with friends and meeting new people, surrounded by Rui’s inventive and refreshing exhibition. Another successful party!

Launch party

いま展示している山内裕美さんの展示替えにともなうパーティを、先日行いました。よくギャラリーで展示会初日に行う「レセプション」のようなものです。英語では ‘Launch party’ と呼びます。( Lunch じゃないですよ。)



Dress code: yellow



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